The best way to use apps for CCRS is not to look for apps aligned to specific standards but to find ones that encompass the ideas of collaboration and creation which are far more pervasive in CCRS than in the current paradigm.
Two Sample Apptivities
Begin with the end in mind: What you actually want the students to produce: COS, Objectives

  • Apptivity Process
    • Brainstorming and Introduction Activity (video clip, discussion etc)

    • Research, Curration and Notetaking
    • Graphic Organizer or Outline
    • Rough Draft
    • Finished Product
  • Virtual Fieldtrip
  • Exploring Apps and Designing Apptivities
  • Use you Blooms Planning Sheet and your COS to brainstorm some objectives and activities for an apptivity
  • Write some curriculum framing questions to drive your apptivities
  • Think about how you could use formative and summative assessment with your apptivity
  • Make and use QR Codes: Favorite QR Maker Site, Favorite QR Reader
  • I-Nigma
  • A Great Idea Needs to be Shared
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